Sweden’s finest in providing trashy garage and stomping rockabilly or wrecking psycho!

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  1. Brain Eaters
    Brain Eaters februari 26, 2013 at 2:20 e m · Reply

    Hello Zorch,
    The Brain Eaters, the craziest maniac rockers from Paris-France are back to conquer the world in 2013 with a new ass kickin’ album of pure raunch’n'roll.
    We’re looking for a cool label to release our stuff, 13 killer tracks with no filler (the Cramps meet the Ramones).
    For a sneak preview, you can hear some old songs here :


    Just let us know if you’re interested or not.
    Hope to hear from you,
    Stay tuned !
    The Brain Eaters

    • «No Way out, vol. 2», CD, compilation, Dead By Mono Records (UK) – 2011.
    • «It came from the Hideout», CD, compilation, GRGPNK (USA) – 2011.
    • «The Girl from S.I.N.», EP 3 tracks, Fuck-U-Records (France) – 2009.
    • «Monsters, sex and rock’n’roll» album CD, Nicotine Records (Italy) – 2007.
    • «Quelle joie le rock’n’roll», CD, tribute to the Wampas compilation, Banana Juice Records (France) – 2006.
    • «Rock’n’roll all stars», CD, compilation, Pirates Production (France) – 2004.
    • «Release the rats», CD, compilation, Creepy Rat Records (USA) – 2003.
    • «The Creatures wanna dance», LP vinyl, compilation, Swindlebra Records (Germany) – 2002.
    • «Kongpilation vol.4», CD, compilation, Banana Juice Records (France) – 2002.
    • «Welcome to the Hellywood drive-in theatre, CD 3 tracks, Kosmik Brain Records (France) – 2002.
    • «What a delicious bird brain», CD 3 tracks, Kosmik Brain Records (France) – 2001.
    • «Eat’em or die», CD 6 tracks, Kosmik Brain Records (France) – 1999.

  2. R/C Sideburns
    R/C Sideburns december 11, 2013 at 10:06 f m · Reply


    Vi är ett hungrigt band som vill komma fram, spela ännu mer gigs och såklart släppa album. Har spelat in nåra demos men för nuvarande försöker vi spela ute så mycket vi kan.
    Ta gärna en lyssning och hör av er!


  3. DRock
    DRock maj 12, 2014 at 5:28 e m · Reply


    Vi har startat ett band som heter Core Connection!! Ny låtar kommer löpande… olika stilar med Rock som grund…



  4. Andrea
    Andrea maj 5, 2016 at 7:35 f m · Reply

    SLOKS – new band punk garage blues form Turin, Italy!

    We have just registered seven tunes at the Boto’s Farm (Movie Star Junkies) produced by Mano with collaboration of Walter Bruno (bass guitar of Sick Rose).
    The mastering has been made by Saff Mastering Chicago.

    We are looking for a lable which is interested in producing us in 7’ or 10’ or a split with other band.

    We have recently started some live acts whith JC Satan (support), Monkey Weather and others headliners.
    Now we are planning some live acts in France and Germany in september.

    This is the link on bandcamp where you can listen to the registered tunes:


    Many thanks and greetings!

  5. Apes Vulgaris
    Apes Vulgaris juni 16, 2016 at 10:53 f m · Reply


    My name’s Artem and I want to represent you young garage punk band Apes Vulgaris from north of Russia (https://soundcloud.com/apes_vulgaris)
    Many years ago we heard about your label and it’s our dream to cooperate with you,so if you’re interested,listen,please,our music and write your review.
    Best wishes,
    Apes Vulgaris.

  6. info@warheart.org
    info@warheart.org februari 25, 2019 at 7:11 e m · Reply


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